Junior Representative results

It was a perfect day for Football and Netball at Narrandera Sports Ground for the 2017 Junior Representative Round, as the South West Junior Football and Netball League, hosted their neighbours the Wagga and District Netball League.

On the field the contest was split with South West taking out the Under 12’s and Under 13’s in convincing fashion, before Wagga and District even the ledger with two fantastic wins in the Under 14’s and Under 15’s respectively.

Whilst on the court South West walked away with bragging rights as they overcame Wagga and District in some hotly contested Netball, taking out 3 of the 5 games on offer, with victories in the Under 12’S, 13’s and 15’s 

With teams already looking forward to next year’s affair, AFL Riverina would like to thank all of those involved in the hosting of the event, particularly the volunteers from the Narrandera Junior Football Club, and South West Junior Football and Netball League, and importantly all umpires involved in officiating all of the weekend’s games.

A summary of all of the results and each teams award winners for the day can be found below, whilst images of all of the action can be found at the AFL Riverina Facebook Page – be sure to share and tag your friends.

Photos from the day can be found on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/aflriverina



SWJFNL Under 12’s –  1.2,  5.4,  7.5,  8.7  (55)

WDJFNL Under 12’s – 0.0,  0.0,  1.0,  1.0  (6)

Best on Ground – James Goode (South West) and Luke Mazzocchi (Wagga & District)


SWJFNL Under 13’s – 3.3,  6.3,  9.6,  10.8  (68)

WDJFNL Under 13’s – 0.0,  4.0,  5.0,  6.2  (38)

Best on Ground – Oliver Bartter (South West) and Charlie Bourne (Wagga & District)


WDJFNL Under 14’s – 4.2,  6.4,  10.6,  13.8  (86)

SWJFNL Under 14’s – 0.0,  1.4,  2.4,  2.4  (16)

Best on Ground – Lachlan Crawford (Wagga & District) and Jamie Best (South West)

WDJFNL Under 15’s – 4.2,  6.4,  10.6,  13.8  (86)

SWJFNL Under 15’s – 0.0,  1.4,  2.4,  2.4  (16)

Best on Ground – Darcy Irvine (Wagga & District) and Coopa Steele (South West)



WDJFNL Under 11’s – 37

SWJFNL Under 11’s – 11

Best on Court – Greta Ashcroft (Wagga & District) and Emily Baulch (South West)


SWJFNL Under 12’s – 42

WDJFNL Under 12’s – 22

Best on Court – Marnie Grintell (South West) and Claudia Wheatley (Wagga & District)


SWJFNL Under 13’s – 28

WDJFNL Under 13’s – 24

Best on Court – Alice McRae (South West) and Jess Woods (Wagga & District)


WDJFNL Under 14’s –  27

SWJFNL Under 14’s –  14

Best on Court – Bridie Delahunty (Wagga & District) and Makayla Jones (South West)


SWJFNL Under 12’s – 44

WDJFNL Under 15’s – 21

Best on Court – Jenna Richard (South west) and Lily Buchanan (Wagga & District)