Media Release: Narrandera vs. Turvey Park


Narrandera vs. Turvey Park

As the result of an AFL Riverina investigation, regarding the First Grade match between Narrandera FNC and Turvey Park FNC on the 1st of July at Narrandera Sportsground, a number of statements were submitted by both clubs and officiating umpires.

Following the lodgments of the statements, along with an interview conducted with both umpires, the AFL Riverina Independent Investigating Officer found that there was confusion into which player should have been sent from the ground under the Red Card procedure, which was partially due to the melee that occurred during the third quarter of the match.

The fact that the timekeepers had not officially recorded that a player had not been sent from the ground in relation to the Red Card procedure, indicated the process was not instigated correctly. Although a counting of players was conducted, it was insignificant due to the fact that no player had been identified and officially sent from the ground under the Red Card procedure.

The counting of players can result in penalties to either team, which is inclusive of a team’s score being removed from the scoreboard up until the time of the count, fifty metre penalties and also free kicks.

Accordingly the result was the official score at the completion of the game which had Turvey Park securing the win by a margin of 18-points