The Rock Yerong Creek go back-to-back in A Grade

There was nothing between the two sides all day, but a couple of crucial turnovers in the last quarter helped the Magpies take a 38-36 victory.

“It is just awesome,” O’Leary said.

“I knew we could do it and had faith in us the whole time.

“We have worked so hard this season but I just can’t believe we’ve down back-to-back.

“It is just an awesome feeling.”

One point separated the teams after each of the first three quarters, with the Magpies holding the slender advantage on all three occasions.

However both sides needed to regroup after a long hold up as the game reached its crescendo.

The last quarter was delayed for more than 35 minutes after paramedics were called to assist a spectator who had a heart attack watching the football.

With the side of the court being used as the access point, the girls had to bide their time but it didn’t seem to affect either side.

O’Leary thought it was important the side kept it all together after the delay.

“It was hard to build up and go again but we just had to hold it,” she said.

“I really hope that guy and his family are ok as that is the main priority on the day.”

Three goals was the largest lead at any point of the game and in the end TRYC forcing CSU out of court twice in the last quarter proved to be the only difference between the two sides.

For the second year running the coach’s sister Sarah O’Leary was named best on court in the decider.

She was a rock at goal defence, causing a number of turnovers and also helped drive the Magpies forward.

The team wasn’t afraid to go back before going forward with O’Leary and Abbey Fellows leading the way through the centre it proved effective.

However the coach didn’t want to single out any players, believing it was a real team effort.

It was a slow start to their premiership defence, but the Magpies came good at the right end of the season after inflicting just the second loss on the Bushsows in the second semi-final then backing it up on grand final day.

O’Leary is impressed by how far the team has come.

“At the start of the season CSU beat us by 10 but to come through the season and beat them by two points in the grand final is what it is all about,” she said.

“To get the reward on the day.”