50 years of CSU

The topic of university students and “old faces” isn’t exactly something that comes along too often.

No offence to those admirable mature age students looking to chase their tertiary education dreams, but when one thinks of university life we tend to envision young people in their physical prime attacking life and studies with unmatched enthusiasm and an unwavering sense of fun.

But for Charles Sturt University – this weekend is all about the old boars and sows who will line the courts and Peter Hastie Oval in celebration of 50 years of CSU football and netball.

The importance of the occasion isn’t lost on CSU president Cameron Humphries.

“It’s a massive weekend out at Pig Park, that’s an understatement” Humphries said.

“We’re expecting in the hundreds down there at the uni, so the numbers and support should be great and something pretty different for all the players especially.”

The university club has always faced its own unique challenges.

Whether it be the university breaks that inevitably lead to a dearth of player as students head home during the season, the physical challenge comes with routinely picking a team of younger players to compete against the Farrer League’s best, or even just ensuring players have that connection with a club in which their time is often fleeting.

But Humphries believes it’s the challenges that make the CSU culture so unique and ultimately rewarding for those that don the red and white.

“I think the weekend will be a real eye opener a majority of the boys,” he said.

“When they see blokes in their 60’s and 70’s that have been involved in the club since way back in the RivColl days and even those who just left over the past few years getting back together, it’ll probably give them an idea that even though most tend to only play for a few years, we really are a big family.

We’re all one club and it’s a lot bigger than some think and it’s probably one of the good things about CSU is that we do have so many players from around the country, from different walks of life and not just from the one area.”

Visitors are expected to descend on the university in their hundreds for the weekend’s slate of games against the Northern Jets.

The festivities will then extend from the footy field to the Murrumbidgee Turf Club, the very same venue currently headed up by a prominent old boar.

“Keeno’ (MTC CEO, Steve Keene) is an old boar himself and obviously he’s the big fella in charge out there so he’s been very helpful in setting things up as have a few others on the panel.”

As for the weekend itself, the Bushpigs and Sows couldn’t have written a better script for the lead up to the club’s biggest round in years.

Both first grade netball and football teams are coming off strong wins against Barellan and show no signs of slowing down in front of a big crowd on Saturday.

“We always knew the netball girls would be a pretty formidable team and they’ve started the year in cracking from but given the turnover of players we’ve had within the football club it’s really good and a pleasant surprise to be carrying this much momentum into such a big weekend.”