Life Membership

AFL Riverina Life Membership Policy



The purpose of Life Membership is to recognise outstanding service and commitment to AFL Riverina by football and netball players and volunteers.

This policy has been developed to provide guidance to the AFL Riverina Board with respect to the election of people as Life Members of the Association.


Criteria for Life Membership

Life Membership will be offered to those persons who have rendered outstanding and valuable service to AFL Riverina. The award of life membership must remain a highly regarded and prestigious award and one which demands long and meritorious service.

Life Membership will be considered, but not automatically awarded, to the people meeting the following criteria:

  1. Minimum 10 years continuous service on the Board or committee of AFL Riverina.
  2. 300 1st grade football or A Grade netball games with a club or clubs associated with AFL Riverina, provided nominated player has already been recognised by their club with Life Membership.
  3. 400 senior competition football or senior netball competition club games with a club or clubs associated with AFL Riverina, provided any nominated player has already been recognised by their club with Life Membership.
  4. Outstanding service to AFL Riverina over a designated period (minimum 15 years) including Trainers, Team Managers, Selectors, Tribunal Members, Coaches, Administrators, Umpires and other volunteers.
  5. Outstanding contribution to the development and management of Australian Football or Netball at both a club and League level (minimum 20 Years).

Life membership will be automatically offered to all current life members of the former South West District Football League, Farrer Football League, Central Riverina Football League, Murrumbidgee Valley Australian Football Association Inc, Riverina Football League, South West Juniors FL, Wagga & District Junior FL, Riverina Netball League and Farrer Netball League.


Procedure for Nomination

Any person who wishes to have someone considered for nomination for Life Membership may complete and forward a submission to that effect in writing. A nomination for election of a person for Life Membership shall be made on the official nomination form and be accompanied by the required supporting information.

The nomination and the accompanying supporting documents must be provided by COB on the last working day in July each year. The official nomination form is available from the Football Operations Manager. Each nomination for Life Membership shall be endorsed by two (2) Member Clubs of AFL Riverina supporting the nomination.


Procedures for awarding a Life Member

Each complete nomination for election is to be forwarded in the first instance to the Football Operations Manager who will forward copies of it and all other relevant information to the AFL Riverina Board for consideration.

All applications for Life Membership will be reviewed annually by the AFL Riverina Board. Election of Life Membership shall be two thirds of Board members in favour of the award. Life Membership will be awarded to the member at the presentation night of the competition that the nominee is associated with.

Life Members of the League shall be exempt from the payment of admission charges to any match controlled by the League and a special Life Membership Badge will be struck. Nominations and presentations of Life Membership may be accepted annually.


To complete a nomination for AFL Riverina Life Membership, please use the below link:


AFL Riverina Life Membership – Application Form



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