Community Education Program

AFL NSW/ACT and the AFL recognises the importance of education as a key driver to shifting attitudes and behaviours, and to achieving better club environments and club culture.

AFL NSW/ACT offer community sessions designed to target key social issues, using players and club officials love for football to creative positive change. The AFL has highly trained presenters available to come out to your club to present to the players, coaches and volunteers about creating a strong club culture and shifting the attitudes and behaviours within the club.

AFL is passionate about education as it allows clubs to set the highest standards within the community.

Sessions available to clubs include:

  • Vilification and Discrimination  – aims to change the language within our clubs so that clubs are inclusive of every background and culture.

  • Respect and Responsibility – raises awareness and defines the causes and common misconceptions associated with violence against women. The program educates clubs on ways to make people feel safe, to be treated with respect, to be valued and feel accepted for who they are.

  • Drugs and Alcohol – designed to educate on the issues of alcohol and binge drinking and the dangers of illicit drugs use.

  • Depression – Educate and raise awareness of the prevalence and impact, casual factors and categories of mental illness that exist across the community. To build the capacity of the AFL industry to recognise the signs, activate early intervention and support those that may be suffering a mental illness.

  • Cyber Bulling and Social Media -Educate and raise awareness of the affects of social media whilst informing of the social responsibilities and the benefits social media can play.

  • Anti- Doping (ASADA)   – Provide guidance on what players can and cannot take in relation to WADA/ASADA guidelines. Not just an issue for elite sport, a player from any level of football can be sanctioned, even if they didn’t know they were doing anything wrong.

  • Concussion – Program identifies the appropriate management of concussion to ensure the health and safety of all people who play Australian Football.

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