AFL Riverina awards, trophies, and medals

AFL Riverina completed its Competitions Review, with a key recommendation introduce a multi-tier senior competition structure. A flow-on from this recommendation is the opportunity for the AFL Riverina Board to review all premiership and individual award names across all senior competitions.

With the new structure in place, AFL Riverina is calling upon the football and netball community to nominate names of the leagues’ perpetual awards, trophies, and medals.

This is a big moment for football and netball, to recognise those who have committed time and energy and provided great service to help elevate our games across the AFL Riverina region.

AFL Riverina is committed to maintaining it’s heritage whilst providing more opportunity for recognition.

The AFL Riverina Board invites you to have your say.


Nomination options:

There are three nomination options when considering the awards’ names across AFL Riverina.

  1. Retain the current AFL Riverina Football and Netball competition and individual award names.
  2. Refresh the names of AFL Riverina Football and Netball competition and individual awards.
  3. Nominate names for new AFL Riverina Football and Netball Competition and Individual awards for awards not currently named. There are 31 Awards not currently named.

We encourage everyone to be part of this process, even if your suggestion is to retain the current award names.


How to nominate:

If you wish to put forward names for awards, do so via this template. Instructions on how to use the template are found here.

Once you have completed your nominations, please email the template to

A list of current awards, trophies and medals, including those not currently named, can be found here.

Next steps

Nominations close on at 11:59pm Monday, 31st October.

Following this AFL NSW/ACT will assess award nominations for the AFL Riverina Board to review in the offseason.